Pay Employees & Contractors

In addition to paying employees, Payroll4Free.com allows you to pay 1099 contractors, as well as to create and file year-end 1099 forms.

Tax Calculations & Forms

Payroll4Free.com takes care of calculating all of your federal, state and local taxes, as well as giving you access to filled out tax forms. We can also make all necessary deposits and filings on your behalf if you choose, including all year-end processing such as W-2s, for a low monthly fee.

Direct Deposits or Paper Checks

You can choose to pay your employees and contractors by either paper checks or direct deposit. You can also use a combination of both options.

Vacation Time Tracking

You have the ability to set up various options to calculate and keep track of employee vacation, sick, and PTO time. The system will then accrue the correct number of hours for each employee based on amount of time with the company, hours worked, etc.

Employee Portal

Give your employees the option to access their pay information online from any device. They can reprint paystubs and W-2s, review their accrued vacation time, make changes to their personal information, and much more.

Detailed Reporting

Always stay up to date on all of your payroll information with the many reporting options available. These include earnings, tax, benefit, accrued time, payroll journal reports, and many more.

Friendly, Knowledgeable Customer Service

We have a great team of experienced payroll and tax professionals who is always ready to answer your questions or provide you with payroll advice.

Quick & Easy Enrollment

Get up and running with Payroll4Free.com quickly and easily with our guided step-by-step account setup tool.

Integration Tools

Payroll4Free.com allows you to export your payroll data to many outside software products or companies, including accounting packages, banks, benefit companies and many more. You can also import employee hours from a time clock file.

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